2020 RULES (If you don't see it in these rules don't do it)

*All cars must be built safe and inspected by a S.M.V.R. tech inspector before competing*


 1.    No Super Modified’s or Sprint cars.***No Pickup trucks or Convertibles****           

a.    1973 or older American made steel bodies.         

 b.   1949 to 1973 must be full bodied cars.   

c.   American made coupe & sedans only.  No station wagons  

d.  All bodies must include factory cowls and OEM BODY WIDTH and any changes have to be approved by the Steering Committee.                 

 e.    All cars must look good.  

2.    Chrysler OEM torsion bar suspension OK.                  

 g.    OEM complete torsion bar suspension attached to 10” circumference, frame rail or equal.                

 h.    On rear coil cars, 4-link and 3-link rear suspensions. Top bars must be equal length. Bottom bars must be equal length.  All bars must  be parallel to ground.  All bars must go forward.                 

 i.     Mono leaf springs with coil over-shocks or sliders, OK                

 j.     No Z-link or rear steer cars.                 

 k.    1 spring or torsion bar per front wheel.                 

 l.     No ball bearing bird cages.                

 m.   Bird cage connecting arms no longer than 3 inches from top of axle tube or bottom of axle tube.  

3.    One shock per wheel “only”.  

4.    Must have front and rear brakes in good working order. 3 wheel or more brakes mandatory.  

5.    Tires: any combination up to 11 inch max. tread width. Wheels up to 15-inch wide max, no snow tires or unilug wheels.     "As of 2017 max tire width will be 11-inch max." 6.    Steering box can be manual, power, or rack and pinion.  

7.    Front axle can be straight OEM or after-met.              

 1.  Can use coil spring A frame front stub, must be OEM.               

 2.  Tubular upper control arms are OK.                

 3.   FABRICATED LOWER A FRAME REPLACEMENT ALLOWED ON STOCK FULL FRAME CARS ONLY.                 Example:  A 1957 Ford is allowable but not a Camero stub chassis.  

8.    Any OEM frame rails must be boxed in for safety at all cage attachment points.                

 n.    Straight axle cars must have 10” circumference frame rail on fabricated chassis.                 

o.    OEM FRONT A FRAME STUB CARS MUST HAVE 2x3" TUBING TO REAR MAIN CAGE URIGHTS.                 p.    Any new car’s being built starting the 2008 season and later must be 1 ¾ OD,.095 wall or bigger tubing on MAIN CAGE.                

q.    All cars max 15 inch engine set-back from center of lower ball joint or king pin to #1 sparkplug.  

9.    Weight with driver; 2500 lbs inline 6 cyl.(With Driver), 3000 lbs V8 minimum.(With Driver)  

10.  Open wheel cars; Bumpers to be no wider than center of front and center of rear tires.  Fender cars; Front & rear bumper not to extend past body panel. End of bumpers must be connected to body panel or frame rail to prevent tire damage.  

11.     If you use weight bars they must be painted white, securely fastened, and have your car # painted on them. Drive shaft must also be painted  white and have your car # painted on them.  

12.     Nerf bars must be between center line and outside of tire. Nerf bars must be smooth.  NO sharp edges!  

13.     Engine                 

s.    Maximum CI, 360on all V8 engines  320 CI  max on 6 cylinder engines.                

t.   All 6 cyl. Engines must be inline.                

u.    Any combination of carburetors up to a max of 4 barrels of carburetion.                  

 v.    Flat top pistons.                 

w.   No stroker engines.                 

x.    Roller chain & roller rocker, OK. No roller cams.                 

y.    Aluminum intake, OK.                

 z.    No aluminum heads. After market heads must be 64cc combustion chamber or larger. Porting to match gaskets only.                

aa.  No turbos, No injections, No blowers, No alcohol, No N.O.S., No fuel additives.                

bb.  Pump gas and/or racing gas only.            

cc.  All cars must have a fan Guard or Shroud. Any ignition, NO crank trigger or magneto, No traction control.    

dd.  Deck lid spoiler up to 5 inched tall allowed.   

ee. Rear-view mirror allowed 

14.   Transmission                 

  ff.   OEM Manual 3 speed, 4 speed or automatic with stock or stall speed functioning  converters.                    gg.  Cars weighing 3250 and above are allowed to run mini-clutches.               

 hh.  Scatter shield or steel bell housing or explosion proof bell housing on standard transmission.                 

 ii.   No aluminum bell housing.                 

 jj.   Automatics must have ¼” scatter shields, blanket or both.               

 kk.  Drive shaft: Must have loop no more than 6 inches from front U joint.   

15.       All cages must fit body and have sufficient roof support to insure two escape routes,  Roll bar padding added to driver's compartment  recommended.    

16.      All cars must have 106” wheelbase or longer.  

17.      Rear ends: Any rear end locked, or quick-change are allowed.   No independent suspension.  

18.      Mandatory track packing & hot laps if required by track. If you don’t participate, you don’t race. If you have any problems, please check with  someone on the steering committee.   

19.      The top three finishers from feature start in the back.                                                                                                                *    Club Leadership will decide race line-ups.   If you don't see it in these rules don't do it until you get the OK Safety Equipment 

1.     Fire suit SFI approved. Neck brace. DOT approved full-faced helmet & gloves.  

2.     Fuel cell SFI approved, Fire extinguisher within driver’s reach, both mandatory.  

3.     Good five point harness, left side drive cars, window net. Center drive cars, window nets or  arm restraints.  

4.     Fully enclosed firewall front and rear of driver.  

5.     Doors must be securely fastened. Arm restraints are mandatory on all cars with open tops.  

6.     Battery must be securely fastened outside of driver's compartment.  

7.     No electric fuel pumps. Kill switch mandatory and must be within drivers reach.  

8.     Aluminum seat mandatory.  

9.     Fuel line: 90 percent copper, aluminum, steel or braided racing line.  

10.   Track safety rules supersede SMVR rules.  

11.  Drivers must be at least 16 years old and follow all track rules.  

12.  Main door bars- 3 or more bars horizontal with vertical supports and gussets                                                             ll.        All joints must be welded 360° or 100%.             

mm.    Left side steer cars may have 10 gauge steel plate on driver’s side door bars.  Center steer cars may have 10 gauge steel plate on both side door bars.              

 nn.     Door bar plates highly recommended, but not mandatory. 

1.    All membership will be reviewed by Steering committee for renewal yearly.     

2.    All new competitors and cars’ must be approved by the Steering committee, inspected by the Tech inspecter to meet  ALL rules and become a member before showing up at the track to race for the first time. If you show up to the race track without approval and tech  inspection you will not be allowed to compete.  

 3.    Any on-track grievance will be handled by steering committee along with the members that were present and witnessed the incident. The members will take a vote on disciplinary action (Maximum 1 vote per Paid registered car).  

4.    All rules will be enforced.  

5.    Anyone who wants to attend a committee meeting must get prior approval.  

6.    Tec-man decisions are final!  

7.    Violations:       

 l.      1st infraction, you will lose your tow money and 1-race suspension at Steering Committee choice.         2.    2nd infraction, loss of tow money and 3-race suspension at Steering Committee choice.         

3.    Any additional infractions and/or discipline to be decided by Steering Committee.  

Any complaints need to be put in writing and given to a steering committee      

 * * Please, do not discuss your complaints at the track * * *